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About us

ABC-dieta provides high-quality food for people with inherited metabolic disorders.

The company “ABC-dieta” in its product range contains exceptionally high-quality products created by European manufacturers. Currently, ABC-dieta is actively developing in Ukraine to provide a full range of services – from careful selection of only the best manufacturers to prompt delivery of fresh organic products to the table of the final consumer.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and health of our customers by providing them with the freshest, purest, most delicious and highest quality food, and of course, excellent service! In its work, the ABC-dieta team is guided by strict rules and follows the standards of food ethics, safety and transparency at all stages.

Our values

Guaranteed quality. We track the entire path that the product passes before getting to your table. Buying products from ABC-dieta stores, you can be sure of their quality.

Transparency. We will provide you with much more information than any other store. You can view certificates of organic quality and compliance, find out from which region or from which farmer your product comes.

The trust. We value the trust of our customers. We continuously monitor suppliers to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards.